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Call them post-apocalyptic text-based MMORPGs, post-apocalyptic text-based games, post-apocalyptic browser games or post-apocalyptic MMOs. These games allow players the experience role play among multiple players within an apocalyptic landscape.

Players are allowed to create or join factions all while simulating survival scenarios raids, living in bunkers/vaults and the most interesting of them all… Wars.

If you liked our List of nation/political simulation games then you might like this list. So Here are the top post-apocalyptic games in no particular order.

7Desolation – A post-apocalyptic, text-based game.

Desolation is a text-based multi-player game called a MUD. Thematically the game is based on Wasteland, an old post-apocalyptic RPG set in the irradiated wastelands of the American Southwest. Desolation is not a newbie-friendly MUD, and intelligent roleplaying is heavily encouraged. 

6 Dawn 2055 – A Post apocalyptic browser game

Dawn 2055 is a post-apocalyptic browser Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) where players experience fighting NPC’s, crafting items, finding loot, building settlements, meeting other survivors, starting gangs, drive vehicles, fight over different properties and corporate with other players.

5A Dark Room – A minimalist text adventure.

Not an exclusively apocalyptic game but gives you the same effect as any other game listed here. The games pretty simple, a visit to the site puts you in a room freezing and gives you the option to “light fire” which places you on your journey.

4 ArmageddonMUD – an unparalleled post-apocalyptic roleplaying experience

Armageddon MUD

Armageddon MUD is an online fantasy game in which players jointly inhabit a harsh, post-apocalyptic desert world. The game requires roleplay; while conflict abounds, the game is not about killing things. Rather, it is about living out a character’s sometimes short and always difficult life in the harsh world, Zalanthas.

It is a world where sorcerer-kings and their ruthless servants, the Templarate, govern the two main cities, Allanak and Tuluk. Any magick not granted by the Kings is feared and hated, and where the punishment of such a curse might be death. In this harsh realm, life is a constant struggle, and death may occur over a drink of precious water.

3 Zapoco – a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game & Free Text-Based Browser MMORPG

Zapoco is a text-based online game where you compete against other players to survive a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world.

it is year 2020, 2 months ago a deadly virus began spreading like wildfire across the globe. Early on there was hope, governments combined and were working on a cure, at least that’s what they said. 

2 Urban Dead – A Free Massively Multi-Player Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse

Urban Dead is a free-to-play HTML/text-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by British developer Kevan Davis. Set in a quarantined region of the fictional city of Malton, it deals with the aftermath of a zombie outbreak. Players enter the game either as a survivor or a zombie, each with different abilities and limitations. Survivors become zombies when they are killed, while zombies can be “revivified” with appropriate technology, returning to life as a survivor – any character played for long will thus spend some time alive and some as a zombie. There are no non-player characters in the game: all survivors and zombies are controlled by players.

1Blood Wars – free vampire filled post-apocalyptic MMORPG

Blood Wars is a free Polish MMORPG in which players play as vampires in a post-nuclear world and have to fight for dominance in the only city that survived the apocalypse.

So there you have, the webs best text-based post-apocalyptic games on the web… period. Did we miss a website? Have you found a new entrant for our list? Share it below in our comments section and Follow us on Twitter for future updates.

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