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Grammarly gives you the power to ensure you don’t make a grammar/spelling error, Proofr is yet another grammar tool but for having a second/third pair of eyes review your draft.

How does Proofr work?

Specialised proofreading for online content creators. Save time and have confidence in your copy. ??

Aimed at giving you more time to focus on your ideas and not your grammar, This service offers proofreaders who will review and make changes to your draft accordingly.

All you have to do is send your draft copy by email (Copy draft in email body or Google Doc) to Proofr. They will proofread and edit the draft before sending you a Google Doc of the changes.

How does Proofr work?

How much does this cost? Prices are offered on either by a one-off or monthly service fee.

There can be prices as low as US$0.02 per word or high as US$0.029 per word depending on proofreading needs.


I haven’t used the service but the live chat widget onsite presents the impression that support won’t be unreliable.

This is a great service for creators of Blog posts, Newsletters and Social Content who need that qulaity third party draft review/editing.

Just a couple points to be made on needed improvements/changes that need to be made:

  • The pricing plan is very confusing and needs to be adjusting
  • Better user flow: Email is great but a platform for submission would be even cooler but one can understand the status quo.

So what are you waiting for? If your creating a blog post, Newsletter or Social content then get your self great proofreading services by Proofr.

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