Robocraft Royale Now available on Steam

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Robocraft Royale is Fortnight for mechs and robots. 100 Players, 100 Crazy Rides, mecha, tanks, dinosaurs, helicopters, jet fighters, monster trucks, you drive them, you fight with them in an epic fight for survival with only one winner!

Freejam is an independent for producing Robocraft, acclaimed free-to-play PC hit which has over 13 million players worldwide. The UK gaming studio also created games such as console game Robocraft Infinity and a survival cardboard-like game called CardLife.

Type: Battle Royale MMO
Players: 100 per battle
Platform: PC (Windows)
Release date: 26 March 2018
Pricing: Early access price $14.99

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Robocraft Royale aims to the take the Battle Royale genre to new places by adding our unique vehicular combat refined from 5 years of original Robocraft development. Players use to descend onto a war-torn planet where they must survive to the last by seeking out unique weapon and movement options available from a huge variety of community created characters.

● A battle to the last man on a 64 km 2 open world, map home to mountain observatories, power stations, forests, crashed spaceships and a variety of different building configurations.

● Take possession of hundreds of characters that have been carefully selected from 5 years worth of creative building within the original Robocraft
game. We present a new opportunity to showcase these in a new light and to new audiences.

● Although players won’t be able to directly build their bots in battle, they will have to adapt to the ever-changing pace of combat with the variety of weapon and abilities each creation offers. Players will learn to utilise our distinct damage mechanics to gain the advantage over their competitors. Each situation will require a different creation and skill set.

● As well as each other, players survive and position themselves within an environment that is ever shrinking, forcing players together and requiring situational awareness. Players will have to use the characters to hand and think in three dimensions to get the jump on their opponents.


“A chunky, vehicular combat game full of surprises and improvisation, and I can’t wait to see what they do with it next.” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“What could possible make Fortnite and PUBG better? That’s right! Robots!” – Gaming Faster than Light! (Youtuber: 500k subscribers)

“I do REALLY enjoy this game. . . I want to learn more!” – Draegast (Youtuber: 1.4mill subscribers)

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Download and Play via Steam