Sell from Anywhere with Plasso Storefront

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Sell from Anywhere with Plasso Storefront 1

Storefront makes it easy for anyone to sell subscriptions, physical and digital goods, charge for services, accept donations, sell pre-orders and more. Storefront’s powerful and embeddable shopping cart is a snap to setup and works everywhere.

Plasso, a company aimed at making  “Payments Made Simple”, has announced a Storefront product.

Plasso Storefront enables store owners to easily create and manage storefronts inclusive of Physical/Digital Products, subscriptions, donations and more.

The product is as a result of Plasso combining Plasso’s previous Storefront, Membership, and Billing products into a single cohesive e-commerce product.

The announcement was made via the Plasso Blog which notes the product is the end product of a year of development.

What is also cool about Plasso Storefront is the fact that you can embeddable checkout modal or embeddable cart, which allows you to sell directly from your website easily.

Users on Producthunt have praised Plasso Storefronts Advantages but also its tradeoffs such as high fees and a cap on sales.

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