Start Your Own Uber with CabStartup

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Want to start your very own Uber or Lift? CabStartup has the solution.

Ride Hailing startups like Uber or Lyft have changed transportation by creating both efficient and affordable way to get from point A to point B.

Uber topped both the Apple App Store and Google Play store in terms of global downloads for 2018.

SensorTower Top RideSharing Apps by Downloads Worldwide for 2018

What is CabStartup?

CabStartup is a cloud-based ridehailing dispatch solution. Now you don’t need to invest millions in developing your own ridehailing technology solution for your taxi and transportation company. Test CabStartup Free for 14 Days!

It basically gives taxi’s, transportation businesses, limo services and private drivers a powerhouse of advantages so they can have tools like Uber/Lyft which makes for an effective ridesharing service.

The Service includes an online booking system, Digital Billing, promo codes, real-time monitoring, user-friendly app and driver notifications. The service has been used by Yugocabs, Avant App, InstaDrive, RYDR, and others.

How does it work?

Taxi/Ride Sharing Company: The startup pays CabStartup a few for its Services which includes mobile apps for Android and iOS along with a friendly Operations Control Center(Trip, fare and vehicle management). The platform allows various billing types such as a monthly subscription by passengers.

Driver: Drivers can adjust their status (Online/Offline), View a history of previous rides, call a passenger, view pickup/dropoff routes, view ride request details, view his wallet of how much earned, view invoices, see nearby drivers and end a ride at the passengers.

Passenger: Passenger can easily book their rides at their comfort. The Passenger can view his/her previous trip history, select pickup/dropoff locations, use promo codes, hire drivers, contact driver, view receipt, leave the driver a review and view drivers nearby.

The passenger also the option to pay using either cash, credit card, and the apps wallet.

So there you have it… A solution aimed at helping you start your own Taxi or Ride Hailing service.

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