Supscib – A New Way to Subscribe to Newsletters

Reading Time: 2 minutes(Last Updated On: January 27, 2019)

Supscrib is a new way to de-clutter your inbox via usage of the service to receive subscriptions to newsletters and messages. Newsletters being the primary culprit for a filled/messy inbox.

The Platform allows you to instant subscription to popular newsletters such as CNN, Techcrunch, Adidas, Fox News, Engadget, MSNBC, NBCNews, Nike, USAToday, LA Times, NY Times and much more just to name a few.

Supscrib is the new way of receiving newsletters and messages. Start de-cluttering your mailbox by switching to a Supscrib account for newsletters and mailing list subscriptions.

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This platforms aim is genioune but its strategy to eliminating email clutter however has its pros and cons.

Supscrib Pros:

  • Includes a cool email address like [email protected] for new emails.
  • A cool design/layout which is easy to navigate
  • A ready list of popular publishers from which to subscribe
  • Quick Registration/Sign up
  • Subscription is anonymous


  • Creates another sort of email/inbox you have to check
  • More customizable design/layout
  • few publishers

The nature of an email-based Newsletter is that it is effectively duplicated to millions address when being sent. This Platform, we guess works via a singular shared entry which all users access via their account and preferences which has its benefits.

The idea is ingenious in that it not only will cut the tons of daily/periodic newsletter based emails sent to users. Publishers will have a much easier way for readers to subscribe to their emails and we may find “Supscrib” buttons in the future if the platform is successful.

The services ultimate works with popular Publishers and has a few bugs but is yet to enable the creation of publisher accounts which is likely to bolster the list of instant Subscription avialability.

So if you are like me with subscriptions to a ton of Newsletters which in turn overflow your inbox, It is time to consider Supscrib.

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