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The World’s Smartest Satellite Phone, the Thuraya X5-Touch is the first Android based satellite & GSM phone in the industry offering unparalleled flexibility for users
The Thuraya X5-Touch is a step closer towards complete convergence between terrestrial and satellite communications through its full dual-mode and dual-SIM capability. It has two SIM-card slots for full user flexibility, and with the dual-active mode it has the ability to have both its satellite and GSM (2G, 3G, or 4G) modes ‘always on’ simultaneously. (PRNewsfoto/Thuraya Satellite)Thuraya Telecommunications has announced the creation of the worlds first satellite smartphone at its partner conference in Dubai, per the press release.

The Phone targeted at “users who frequently move in and out of terrestrial coverage” which would include government and non-profit workers.

Slightly hinting at the features, The press releases notes the X-5 Touch with a 5.2-inch 1080p gorilla-glass display.

Dual-sim since the phone can switch between GSM and satellite service. there are also other features such as Bluetooth, WIFI and NFC.

The device has a “high capacity battery” along with both ” a front and rear camera”. it also has advanced navigation hardware and a dedicated SOS button.

X5-Touch runs Android, although not being too specific which version of Android, it can be safe to assume it is not Oreo.

“The Thuraya X5-Touch is a game changer and a big step forward in design and functionality placing it in a league of its own,” said Alexander Lachner, Director of Voice Services at Thuraya. “Creating smarter satellite phones is our constant goal and we are happy to offer our customers a new user experience that many in the industry have been asking and waiting for.”

There have been devices in the past which have enabled satellite connections however this is the first device to have the functionality built in. There is no about the X5-Touch isn’t going to cost a pretty penny but the press release didn’t give a release date nor a price.

We look forward release date… and no doubt the price. What do you think of this smartphone? share your opinions below in our comments.