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Google Chrome commands an estimated 59.69% of the Browser market share worldwide for July 2018 according to StatCounter’s GlobalStats. Are looking for an alternative to Google Chrome? This Article shares a list of the most suitable alternatives to Google Chrome.

Your choice of a web browser will largely depend on the specifications of your PC or device you are using and its purpose. You wouldn’t install Google Chrome on a system that doesn’t have sufficient RAM or is incompatibility.

Google Chrome has its advantage by having lightning-quick page loads, a Friendly Customizable UI and importantly, support for additional features via the six thousand extensions which can be found on the Chrome web store.

Issues such as RAM hogging, random crashes, non-responsive (Frozen Window/Tabs) and an oddly slow browsing experience are a major reason one considers stop using the Google Chrome web browser.

Before we go into our list, Here are a few Honorable mentions.

10Honourable Mentions

the Falkon Browser website

Falkon (formerly Qupzilla)

Qupzilla… now re-branded and redesigned, Falkon is a lightweight web browser and a great alternative to the Google Chrome. The Development of the web browser is ongoing but Falkon is a perfect lightweight alternative to Google Chrome.

Qupzilla can be downloaded on Windows, Mac and a wide cross selection of Linux Variants. The much newer web browser, the Falkon web browser is available for Windows and Linux.

Firefox is the obvious Alternative to Google Chrome and commands an average of 5% of the web browser market, according to StatCounter’s GlobalStats.

Firefox has been around for a long time and is the major alternative browsers to Google Chrome. It is an even more swift browser thanks to their new Quantum update and their focus on Privacy.

The Quantum Update not only gives Firefox a much needed gorgeous look but a much faster browser. Its reportedly 2X faster than the Google Chrome web browser and lightweight, using 30% less than Chrome.

Your switch from Google Chrome to Firefox will be a breeze thanks to the customary easy importation of your bookmarks, auto-fills, passwords and preferences you will see with most of the browsers on this list.

Like the Google Chrome web browser, Firefox has the ability to sync between all your Devices. You can Sync passwords, bookmarks and Tabs across Firefox desktop, mobile and tablet apps.

 Firefox is available for Windows, Android and iOS. There is also the Firefox Focus Browser on the Google Play Store and App Store which is a dedicated Privacy Browser.

If you can get past Firefox’s Limited Extension availability and the tendency to spit bugs on various Operating Systems, Firefox is just right for you.

Vivaldi is a Deep, in-depth and colourful web browser which is based on Chromium, the Open source code of Google Chrome.

Offering Unique features such as an overview of your browsing habits with stats and visual data which helps you to supports gain insights into the websites you visited and quickly finding old links.

The Cool thing about migrating to Vivaldi is that it uses Chrome extensions! This means you can bring your extensions you used in chrome over or/and install extensions directly from the Google Chrome store.

Getting started with Vivaldi is rather easy thanks to its importation of Bookmarks, History and data from Google Chrome.

Vivaldi also has great customizability and added functionalities such as its built-in Notes feature which allows you to store short texts, quotes, links and screenshots. 

Customizability such as the browsers appearance, mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts or colours. Tabs are more organizable with Vivaldi Tab stacking and tiling.

The web browser can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux. There are no mobile Apps on for either the Andriod or iOS mobile operating systems.

Its easy migration of Extensions, Added Features and Personalizations makes Vivaldi a perfect replacement for Google Chrome.

Known popularly for its Mobile web browsers, Opera is yet another great alternative which is one of the top browsers in Europe. Opera has a log of features while not compromising on the speed and security of web surfers.

Features such as built-in ad blocker, battery saver and free VPN make the Opera web browser unique thought one could argue you can easily add these features to another web browser via Plug-ins/Extensions.

The Switch is made easy via the Easy Importation of bookmarks, history and data. Opera offers a unique extensions store which has quite a few popular extensions such as uBlock Origin, Ghostery and others.

If you would like to get Google Chrome extension, The Install Chrome Extension gives you the power to install Google Chrome specific extensions. This extension alone gives you the power to safely migrate your chrome plugins to Opera.

Opera is available on a wide selection of Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) and Mobile(Andriod, iOS and Opera Mini on other devices) Operating Systems. There is even an Opera USB version which can be stored on a carried around on a USB device and use on any Windows 7 or higher operating systems.

Opera is Yet another Great Alternative to Google Chrome thanks to it’s smooth design, the features and tools that make migrating a pleasurable experience.

If you have the Windows 10 operating system, It will come packaged as the new default browser. The browser was built back in 20xx as an alternative to the much-disliked Internet Explorer which was Microsofts Default browser on all its previous operating systems.

There is not much in way of making the switch easy but its speed and design make it perfect for quick browsing. The browser is available for Windows and Android devices.

This is the perfect alternative for chrome if you don’t need or care for the extension/plug-ins which are limitedly available.

If privacy is what you yearn… The Brave Browser will be your go-to web browser. Founded by the creator of Javascript, Brave is built from the ground up with Security, Speed and Privacy in mind.

The brave Browser is reportedly 3X faster in comparison to the Chrome or even the Firefox Web Browser. The browsers achieves this thanks to its built-in Ad/Tracker Blocker and SSL upgrader.

Regarding Extensions, Brave has a limited set of extensions inclusive of LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, Bitwarden, PDF JS, WebTorrent, Metamask and Pocket. Brave provides the usual Bookmarks, History and Data migration available for most of the web browsers on our list.

The Brave Browser isn’t just available for Windows. The web browser is also available on Android, iOS and Mac.

So if Privacy, Speed, Security, Publisher Support and Extension are you prime requirements in for your web surfing needs… Brave is yet another suitable alternative to Google Chrome.

Love to download Videos or Torrents? Torch is the web browser for you, it squarely aimed at media lovers. Behind that, the browser id based on Chromium, The open source version of Google Chromes source code.

The browser is the only option which comes with a built-in torrent downloader , allowing you to rid yourself of other commonly used torrent downloading applications if needed.

A great thing about The Torch Browser is its supports for all the extension you use in Chrome, this means you can comfortably reinstall and install chrome Extension. Portability will therefore not be an issue.

Sadly the browser is only available for Windows but if you are a media lover, the browser should more than exceed your expectations. One could also argue that many of these features could be added to another browser via Extensions/Plug-ins.

Maxthon's website

Maxthon boasts over 675 thousand users and it’s lightning quick when it comes to browsing the web using its unique dual rendering engines (Webkit & Trident).

The User interface is “super-clean” offering no ads, floating windows, banners or popup ads where it matters most. Download any images, videos and pictures quickly than it would take you with other browsers.

The only issue with Maxthon is the lack of browser extensions which unlike Opera, cannot be rectified with a extension.

Like many web browsers on this list, you can easily import your bookmarks from Google Chrome.

The Maxthon web browser is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. 

If you are not interested in the availability of extensions but need a ultra fast web browser, Maxthon would be your ultimate Saviour.

a view of the midori browser website

Midori is in the ultra light category end of web browsers, it is “a lightweight, fast, and free web browser”.

Midori’s primary aim is Quick web browsing thanks to its implementation of only the essential components.

This browser is perfect for someone who cares not for features or wants to limit RAM hogging but primary issue for some people concerning this web browser will be the its limited features.

Midori is available for Windows and Linux.

In conclusion, If your looking for a less hungry browser to get things done, Midori is the best suitable candidate and  yet another alternative to Google Chrome.

Cliqz is another privacy (ike Mozilla), speed and “no-compromise” focused web browser which is a great alternative to the Chrome Web browser.

Based on Firefox Source code, Cliqz is super fast at loading pages thanks to its built-in Ad and Tracker Blocker. If you don’t want the web browser but just the blockers, you can install Ghostery which is also owned by the German company.

On the extension front, Cliqz has a ultra limited set of add-ons and you are not even allowed to install extensions from the Firefox Marketplace which is what the source code is based on. One can assume the availability of extensions is no doubt a temporary concern given the browsers mission.

The web browser is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Cliqz is number 1 on this list clearly for how efficiently it operates but what it lacks in extensions, it makes up with speed, privacy and security.

Which of the web browsers on our list is your favorite? Did we forget to Add an awesome alternative to the chrome browser? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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