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Large Screen Sizes are becoming a huge commodity in a world where that device in you pocket can do so much more than making a call. In Todays top 5 article we take a look at the top five reasons why you should indeed have a large screened device et all the benefits.


More screen to enjoy multimedia content

We live in a media centred World and without a doubt, the greatest advantage of having a large screen size phone is to enjoy the multimedia content (watch Movies, Music videos, Photos…) in all its glory.

Lets not forget of course playing games, because that is not the same bet on a regular screen size versus that of a larger display which allows a larger viewing area.


Better handling of applications

A Large screen size allows you to better handle many applications, such as for example an office.

Editing documents on a big screen as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is great because we have more screen real estate to do so, making a more comfortable experience which you wouldn’t easily receive from a small mobile device.


Ideal for users who do not see well the small print

Small text’s and icons be a horror match if you give a small device to your parents or someone who doesn’t have a great eyesight.

Mobile phones of 5.5 inches or higher address this large concern providing not the need to stretch the phone all the time or picking up your glasses to be able to do common mobile tasks like send a WhatsApp.


Easier to write

Texting, Writing a blog post, Writing a tweet? This we do on a regular basis, A Bigger Screen will offer a more comfortable and quick feel.

If you have experienced having to write on a small screened device in the past, you can rest assured a large screened device will allow you a more comforting experience.


Take Photos

We will mention this under “enjoy multimedia content” but we can’t emphasise this enough. Taking photographs and viewing Images become something else altogether on a larger screen display.

A bigger screen won’t necessarily lead to an improved quality of a phone’s camera, it will help you take better photos.


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Source: Quora