Having a hard time keeping track of your cryptocurrencies? which Cryptocurrency Portfolio is the best fit? Looking for an App and/or Platform to keep track of your Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Apps are designed to help you achieve quick, Simple and easy tracking of your cryptocurrency values.

GTecheek has compiled the following list of Cryptocurrency portfolios which we believe are the best Cryptocurrency Portfolio trackers on the market. Most of the apps listed below are free however there are those which provide a subscription package or a Freemium Model.

Blockfolio is the #1 Free Crypto Portfolio Management app. The App supports an amazing 3000+ Cryptocurrencies which is the highest amount of cryptocurrencies supported by an app entry on this list.

Cointracker doesn’t just stop at allowing you to keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio but also allows you to manage the tax you may incur from cryptocurrency trading.

Much like some of the other entries on this list, Cointracker Auto-syncronizes your transactions on its various support exchanges, therefore, removing the need to manually enter transactions.

CoinTracker calculates your cost basis and capital gains. Save hours of work with one of our tax plans, or download your transaction history for free.

CoinTracker will soon offer the option to invest into a basket of cryptocurrency assets.

Cointracker Makes it quick and easy to signup thanks to its “continue with” Facebook and one of the worlds largest Cryptocurrency Exchange, Coinbase options.

The Cryptofolio is one of the oldest Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking Website which allows you to “Keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio.”

You will feel right at home with the Cryptfolio website based not only on its ability to be quickly setup but also how secure and easy it is to use. It allows you to import from over 20+ cryptocurrency wallets and notifies you on cryptocurrency market price changes.

Cryptfolio employs a Freemium pricing model which provides 4 packages. The Trial plan gives you access to keep track of over 2300+ currencies, custom charts, custom reports and private API.

The Premium Plans (Standard/Premium/Enterprise) cost anywhere between $5.6 per month(Standard), $11.2 per month (Premium) or more (Enterprise). These additional plans will give you additional Email support, Ad-Free, Daily Alerts, Job Priority, Unlimited Portfolios, hourly alerts, Priority access and even more.

You can track various cryptocurrency values with Cryptocompare’s Portfolio Manually. The App doesn’t allow you to automatically import via cryptocurrency Public Key nor via Exchange APIs.

The app also will be time-consuming since you have made to many updates in order to make sure transaction entries are accurate.

Delta is a Desktop and Mobile App which allows you to keep tracker of over 2000 altcoins. What is even more interesting is that you can auto-sync your cryptocurrency values on a whopping 70+ Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Other features – Alerts/Notifications on price events, Multiple Portfolio’s, Manually update transaction, amazing charts/UI and device syncing.

The App is available for Windows 7 and Later on the desktop while also being on both the Google Play store and Apple App Store.

Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker
Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker
  • Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker Screenshot
  • Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker Screenshot
  • Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker Screenshot
  • Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker Screenshot
  • Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker Screenshot
  • Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker Screenshot
  • Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker Screenshot
  • Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker Screenshot

Cryptagon is Track Bitcoin, ICOs and +2000 cryptocurrencies and altcoins. The App allows you to automatically import entries via Exchange API or a Cryptocurrency Public Key/Address.

The User Interface and Experience both on the Web and Mobile is perfectly designed. The platform allows you to quickly and easily create an account via Connecting Coinbase, Google or simply with your email address.

The app is still in development however it is quite impressive in its delivery and we look forward to their future product updates.

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So what do you think? Are these the best cryptocurrency Portfolio Apps/Platforms on the market? Did we forget to add your favourite Cryptocurrency Portfolio App/Platform?

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