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Web2Desk is a quick way to Turn your favourite websites into a desktop app in one click.

Web2Desk is a tool to convert your favorite websites to Desktop app in just one click. Regardless of Platform( Mac, Linux, Windows) we got it covered and it’s free!

The Creation of Application containers has given web development skills a bridge to easily create desktop applications via JavaScript, CSS and Web Frameworks.

Pros – This sort of app creation works well for a One Page Website/App. If you don’t want to hire a Software Developer or want to do it yourself.

Con – If you don’t mind not having your Multi-Platform URL wrapped desktop app, features not working offline thus requiring internet access. A WordPress Blog like GTecheek, for instance, doesn’t work well within this simple wrapper based desktop app skeleton creation.

A Skeletal simplicity such as Web2Desk which simply wraps a given URL within an app container, Packages it for 3 platforms will not meet the needs of certain websites which will require back buttons. 

The Web App generates a desktop app for Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems, Offering the ultimate platform coverage.

A great Example of what your app might look like is our Desktop App which can be downloaded using the link below:

Download the GTecheek Linux, Mac and Windows App 

Learn more at Website

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