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Product Bump is a series of articles highlighting really cool Products/Services from across the web whether in Beta or being Launch.

In this Installment of Product Bump, We showcase a music discovery tool and two additional products that you will find very useful.

Wave Radio – Discover New Music Together

wave radio

Born out of its Creator Kenan Charles love for music discovery, Wave Radio is a community-driven music discovery platform. Community members not only get to share their discoveries but also earn points for sharing, liking, listening and a suggestions view.

The site has features such as:

  • a weekly playlist newsletter which gives you the 10 best songs and links to playlists on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube.
  • Share songs you discover easily with the Wave Radio Chrome Extension
  • Earn points from sharing and being apart of the Wave Radio community.

Currently in Beta, the site will also have additional features such as weekly prizes, comments/reactions, youtube search, mobile website, better music sharing experience and a ton of other improvements.

Wave Radio
Wave Radio
Price: Free
  • Wave Radio Screenshot

Sendsecure – Send and share files securely, directly and free

sendsecure is a new secure file transfer service that focuses on safe, direct, efficient and easy way to transfer and share any files without uploading them to cloud or server. No one except your recipient ever gets access to your files.

Fundabit – First crypto-Patreon built on Ethereum


Bringing creator & fans closer together. Fundabit merges recurring-patronage & crypto. Independent creators own their smart contract and thus their audience. It handles the P2P payments and allows for automatic monthly subscriptions from the user’s own wallet.

So there you have it, 3 Great Products/Service you will find very useful. Have a cool new product/service you would like to Share with us? Reach out via our contact form or email us at [email protected]

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