WeChat is a Swiss Army knife-like Chinese Messaging app and the most used messaging app in the World with over 980 million active users across the globe. The App already hosts the functionality of a messaging, a social network and payments just to name a few.

Reports by Gizchina indicate that WeChat will receive the ability for users to file a lawsuit. The controversial feature will allow users to sue people electronically as well as submitting documents, verifying identities involved and being legal fees to a Beijing Court.

A process engineered for Beijing Haidian Court which recently made their prosecution platform online, open and secure.The feature will interact directly with official government departments to simplify and reduce the timing involved.

The system uses face ID, Fingerprint recognition and ID Cards to identify parties with precision and then only allowing access to data to both parties. Once the user submits the lawsuit via the app, it is received by the court and both parties notified accordingly about the situation.

WeChat already being used as official IDs in some Chinese provinces where it is interchangeable with the Chinese government’s ID Card.

Fuel to the flame? This feature is very innovative and we are happy it exists, however, let us just hope chinese users of the app don’t go overboard with this functionality.

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