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Looking for a Note taking app which does’nt only involve note taking but is also a calendar app? Look no further than the WeNote App for Android Devices.

WeNote features

WeNote is a unique Note taking app which takes up from Google Keep left off by having both a great user interface and amazing features.

The app has 100K+ downloads and garnered a 4.8 star rating from over 11K reviews.

  • Quickly create lists – A list of notes, emails, phone numbers, messages, cooking recipes, shopping lists and/or to-do lists.
  • Offline Support – Jot down anything on the go as WeNote works great offline.
  • Reminders and Calendar – You set a reminder for your note within the app which allows you to receive timely reminders for your important notes. A Reminder can be either a simple one-time reminder, or highly customizable daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reminder.
  • Pictures as Attachments – add an unlimited quantity of attachments to notes including drawing and handwriting.
  • Use Unlimited colours to stay organized – Unlike some other note taking apps (…Google Keep), WeNote allows you to have unlimited colours to make each note even more to your personal unique taste.
  • Use Unlimited labels to stay organized which are tabs within WeNote’s app.
  • Lock Secure Notes – Securely lock notes which need either PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint to be accessed.
  • Audio Recording – which allows you to add unlimited recordings into a given note.
  • Auto syncing with Google Drive – Have all you ntes carefully backup on your Google drive.


Recommendations: This App would do well with a name change, iOS App, Chrome Extension and a Desktop app.

In conclusion, this app is a terrific alternative to the Note Taking apps on the Market with huge potential.

What are your thoughts on the WeNote app for Android? Share you thoughts and suggestions below in the comments section.

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