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Coin Dance is a community driven website where you can learn all the cool blockchains statistics about bitcoin. 

The platform gives your ability to track all sorts of metrics surrounding Bitcoin. From tracking bitcoins block mining to volume statistics and even worldwide sentiment.

Coin Dance is firm in its vision of offering open and quality bitcoin statistics regardless of your economic or social background.

The website offers sections and services include:

  • Volume Charts – Community updated charts of trading volume from peer-to-peer marketplaces like Bisq, LocalBitcoins, and Paxful.
  • Vanity Service – Bitcoin addresses are generated using hex’s but a vanity service can make our address even more special. You could have a bitcoin address which has the “GTecheek” keyword etc.
  • Politics & Opinions – This section keeps track of the political restrictions and classifications of bitcoin by governments around the globe.
  • Statistics – This section holds all the great stats on such as the bitcoin price, block sizes, mined blocks, google bitcoin search trend, community demographics, and other blockchain data. 
  • Bitcoin Node Summary – Keep track of the over 10,000+ global nodes and their varying client versions along with historical version statistics.
  • Blocks – The blocks section helps viewers verify the latest blocks mined and get a better overall picture of the mining health of the network. You can use this section to keep track of the dominance of bitcoin miners and other historical data on the mining pool.
  • Resources – Grouped into getting started, discussions, services, tutorials, downloads, and additional resources. This section has many goodies for the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin beginner.
  • Poker – The platform offers up some fun with an open poker game which allows anyone to play without the need to sign up. 
coin dance poker service


At the root of the platform is its community which Coin Dance interacts with to make key decisions regarding its shared data mode.

The growing interest and usage of not only content but currencies such as bitcoin, Big Data analysis will become ever more important.

The Coin Dance Community is changing the way we share and availability of blockchain Data.

So What are you waiting for? Head on over to Coincentral and take a look at their great in-depth article on Coin Dance.

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