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So you are wondering what the heck is the Netbox Browser? Let me provide my understanding of Who is behind this project? What’s the Netbox Web Browser and why it matters.

I came across this project when i was referred to it by a random discord user. I am known to frequent hangout within crypto related discord channels so I frequently get spam various projects but this one caught my eye. so lets get started with my understanding:

What is the NetBox Browser?

What The Heck is The Netbox Browser? 1
The netbox Browser after receiving two rewards for wallet creation and being referred.

Noting itself as “The first decentralized blockchain backed web browser”, Netbox browser is a new web browser which rewards you with Netbox.Coins (NBX) for using the web browser.

screenshot Netbox.Wallet GUI with balance
Netbox.Wallet GUI with balance

Netbox.Coins (NBX) are a Proof of Work PoW of work based cryptocurrency. Learn more about this in the technical section below.

Netbox joins the likes of Brave and Bittube browser who also reward their users with some cryptocurrency involvement and ad-blocking experience. In a world dominated by Google’s Chrome Web Browser, Netbox looks to be following in the footsteps of major chrome competitors by using Chromium.

Chromium is an open source variant of the Google Chrome Browser which allows any software developer to create their own web browser.

What i do like is the fact that they are not following Brave Privacy/Ad Focus but more so rewarding overall long term usage regardless of the ads viewed.

Netbox Coin Blockchain Info and Technology

netbox specifications list
The Netbox Coin Specifications

This article could have been dubbed complete without this section but in hindsight, however, a question that must be asked is What the Heck is the powering this project?

There are over 100 million NBX coins in supply with coins being generated using a hybrid of the Proof of Work and Proof of Stake methods. On the PoW side, The coin uses the Quark algorithm and generates a block every 60 seconds [that is 1,440 blocks per day) with an average block size of 2MB. Each block has a total of 360,000 NBX coins.

Netbox.coin Distribution chart
Netbox.coin Distribution chart

The First 200 Blocks are reward 10 NBX while being gradually decreased by 1 every single seek during its first 1.5 years. Block rewards are shared with 50% to Masternodes, 21% to PoS, 21% to browser activity and 8% to the team/creators.

Masternodes are a mechanism which ensures the privacy of transactions. Owners are rewarded with a share of the coins and can vote on the coins policies. To become a masternode owner, purchase/own 10,000 NBX coins in a single address and wait for ten confirmations.

Although not noted anywhere, one can calculate the Netbox Coin Blockchain size as being around 30+ Gigabytes at the of writing based on the estimated size per block.

So how much are Users Reward?

how to receive the Netbox Rewards
how to receive the Netbox Rewards

Users of the browser are rewarded NBX for their usage and promoting the browser which is managed via the Netbox Wallet that comes bundled with the web browser.

The Netbox browser rewards user with:

  • Wallet Creation / Airdrop – The User receives 20 NBX for being one of the first 125,000 browser users.
  • Referral Wallet creation Reward – refer users to the app using your referral link generated in the Netbox.wallet and you both receive 1 NBX.
  • Referral Weekly activity Reward – As someone who came via a referral link, you and you follower get 3 NBX after the first week of using Netbox.Browser.
  • Referral Monthly activity Reward – Similar to the weekly activity reward, you and your following receive 6 NBX after your first month of using the Netbox.Browser.

Who is behind Netbox? What does the Future Hold?

NetBox is the creation of a large Russian based team who have extensive experience in the development and distribution of web browsers. Experience with the largest Runet companies: Mail.Ru Group, Yandex, Rasion, and Rambler

The Netbox homepage highlights additional Products, features and projects which the team hopes to deploy over the next 2-3 years. The Roadmap starts off with The Netbox.Chain и Netbox.Coin, Netbox.Wallet and Netbox.Browser which is the backbone of future projects, features and products.

The Roadmap then goes include:

  • Netbox.Store [2019] – “A dApp store for free and safe distributed applications used in the Netbox.Browser.” The first dApp to be added is a battleship game.
  • Netbox.Pay [2020] – ” Payment transactions in online stores; issuance of payment cards for offline transactions; automatic top-up of the card account using cryptocurrency accounts.”
  • Netbox.Vote [2020] – “A mechanism built into the Netbox.Chain for managing the development of the Netbox.Global project.”
  • Netbox.Trust [2020] – ” Blockchain-based web pages rating done by users and for users. “
  • Netbox.Video [2020] – “A video hosting service based on a distributed storage space and a distributed index located within the blockchain.”
  • Netbox.Drive [2021] – ” A video hosting service based on a distributed storage space and a distributed index located within the blockchain.”
  • Netbox.Proxy [2021] – “A client node network to provide untraceable Internet access using the Netbox.Browser.”

Although noting it commitment to create a browser variant for ” mobile devices “, there is no word or trace on its development.

So Netbox is essentially building a ecosystem of Decentralized Applications for every usage, A very noble undertaking.

The Cryptocurrency is scheduled to be listed on an exchange, August 2019. The Netbox Browser is now available for download on Windows-based PCs and Linux.

Oh, Did i mention my experience testing this browser? The web browser is super fast due in large part to its chromium origin and packs all the classic chrome features.

So If you are up to have a more rewarding browsing experience and become apart of the blockchain evolution, The Netbox web browser and its future projects are just perfect.

Do you like this project? Do you think it will become popular? Share your thoughts in the comments and follow us on twitter for more updates, tips and more.

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