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We Recently covered the announcement of the Compact, light wegth pebble shapped Zynego Pebble accessory which was slated for upcoming IndieGoGo campaign, Today its available on IndieGoGo.

Zynego Pebble Arrives on IndieGoGo 1

“ZyneGo Pebble will empower your iPhone and do away with any additional accessories! It’s the world’s most versatile iPhone Accessory.” Notes the IndieGgoGo campaign.

  • ⚡️Built-in Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) module
  • ⚡️Double ports for listening while charging
  • ⚡️1500mAh power bank to quickly charge your iPhone
  • ⚡️High quality 100% copper wire core for fast charging
  • ⚡️AI-class chipset: capable of transmitting Hi-Fi audio
  • ⚡️Support music controlling and calling
Zynego Pebble Arrives on IndieGoGo 2

Perks as low as $45 USD (special 40% discount off $75 USD) and high as $375 USD (a 50% discount off $750 USD).

A summary of Perks include:

  • Pebble: SUPER super early bird – $45 USD + Shipping $75 (40% Off)
  • Pebble: Super early bird – $49 USD + Shipping $75 (34% Off)
  • Pebble Early Bird Perk – $55 USD + Shipping $75 (26% Off)
  • Early Bird Pebbles × 2 – $124 USD + Shipping $225 (44% Off)
  • Early Bird Pebbles × 3 – $124 USD + Shipping $225 (44% Off)
  • Ten Pebbles with 50% OFF – $375 USD + Shipping $750 (50% Off)

Why Buy The Zynego Pebble?

Zynego Pebble Arrives on IndieGoGo 3

The Zynego Pebble does just sell itself as a singular phone accessory with one purpose but the ability to solve your sound problems, charging issues and the ability for additional addons.

The Device will turn any iPhone into a noise canceling HiFi audio even with a standard non-noise canceling earphone. It houses a 1500 mAh Mini Powerbank that is very useful for those emergency moments when your battery is on its last bar which can give you an additional 40% power.

Thanks to its “highly conductive copper connection with PCB line design” and its compatibility with the original 2A Hi-speed charging, The Pebble offers quick charging.

This mini power bank gives you “increase talk time by up to 5 hours, Internet use by up to 3 hours on LTE, and even longer audio and video playback”

Want to charge your device while lissoning to music? want to charge your phone while answering a phone call? The Zynego Pebble makes this possible thanks to its two ports which allow you to “plug the charger and headphone into the adapter, and then plug the adapter splitter into your phone.”

The Pebble does’nt require an app to be used, simple plug the accessory into your device and your ready to go. It’s compatible with every iOS version, including the system before iOS 12. The Pebble is also compatible with various iPads (iPad mini 4, iPad, iPad pro).

Zynego Pebble Arrives on IndieGoGo 4

The device is available in either Gray or Navy and the IndieGoGO campaign hints at a Zynego Pebble retail value of $45 USD.

On Successful completion of the IndieGoGo campaign, The Zynego Pebble will go into production in decmber 2018 and shipped to its new owners in January/February 2019.

What are your thoughts on the Zynego Pebble? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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